Are you a young adult looking for a meaningful experience? 

Our Current Volunteers

Sarah Feeley (I am in the middle):
My time with the Westmoreland Volunteer Corps has been phenomenal.

My job placement is with Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington. I am a caseworker. At my job, I am not simply a “volunteer,” I am Full-Time Staff. I have equal responsibility and opportunities as other staff members. Each day, I get the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. I  have learned so much about the social services of D.C. My coworkers are inspirational and teach me something new each day. I have the opportunity to visit other non-profits in the area to learn about other causes and services. This possibility is helping me uncover what I want to pursue in the future. Each day is unique, hectic, exciting, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This job is helping me from my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses. I am positive that when I start a new position after this year, I will carry with me all I’ve learned at SMGW.

Being in the WVC is about so much more than working for a great organization. You also gain lifelong friends through your housemates. While I can’t speak for every batch of WVC Vols, my house has certainly grown close this year. You have a built in support system to share both good times and bad. We have all grown close, and it has made my transition into working full time easier having a group of funny, interesting, smart people going with me on my journey.

I have not regretted a day I’ve spent in D.C. working, learning, and living in intentional community. I can safely say, after 7 months, this is the experience of a lifetime.


Laura Cooper (2nd from your left):

            My year as a member of the Westmoreland Volunteer Corps has been defined by growth and change. I, like all four of my housemates, transitioned from living the life of a full time student to working my first 9-5 job. Everything was new to me- the city, the people, the work, and the rhythms of day-to day life.

            Quickly though, I found myself anchored by the community aspect of the program. My housemates and I explored this “newness” together and emerged committed to intentional living in all aspects of our lives.

            My agency, Sasha Bruce Youthwork, serves youth experiencing homelessness. The employees are fiercely dedicated to the youth and inspire me to do my best at each task every day- to serve where and when I can. My role at the agency is a bit fluid- I do a variety of tasks in the administrative office as well as work in the drop in center (a day shelter). So sometimes I am serving those who serve, something I realized has immense value in itself.

            Overall, my experience has given me professional experience, the chance to live intentionally with four other young people, and a chance to serve a non profit agency in the nation’s capitol that is fighting everyday to help young people.